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For Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries and Special Occasions

Crystallised Freeze Dried Rose Petals

Crystallised Sugar Coated Rose Petals

Crystallising your own freeze dried rose petals could not be easier!

Follow the instructions below and then use the crystallised rose petals to decorate a cake or add 1 or 2 on top of cupcakes.



  1. Freeze dried rose petals
  2. Egg white
  3. Caster sugar
  4. Tweezers/paintbrush/fork
  5. Baking parchment/greaseproof paper


  1. Use a fork to lightly beat the egg white and use the paint brush to ensure all surfaces of the petal is then covered.
  2. Use the tweezers to hold the petal and dust the petal evenly with the sugar.
  3. Place on the baking parchment/greaseproof paper so they are not touching and leave to dry in a warm room.The petal should be dry after approx. 2 hours.


Q. Can they be eaten?

A. The petals come from commercially grown roses and so we cannot guarantee that they won’t have been sprayed with pesticides by the growers. We have certainly used no chemicals/sprays on them during the drying process. So, in the interests of health and safety, we have of course tried them, with no ill effects! You, however, may want to use them purely for visual decoration!