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Bubble Poppers

Shipped by H&H


Personalised rainbow bubble poppers. Endless, addictive, educational and calming fun.


Bubble Poppers are lots of fun and offer endless hours of sensory stimulation. Simply push the bubbles back and forth. Once you hear that satisfying ?Pop? you just can?t stop! Made from tactile long-lasting rainbow silicone, which is BPA free, washable and reusable. H&H Bubble Poppers are personalised with popular children?s names on their brightly coloured packaging, creating the ultimate pocket-money impulse purchase or great gift idea.

Bubble Poppers are perfect for building dexterity, and help improve logical thinking and mathematical skills, keeping kids educated, entertained and focussed. Bubble Poppers are perfect for anyone who could benefit from a little stress relieving popping fun!

PLEASE NOTE: These items are pre-personalised. The item you receive is the name or title that you have selected. Items are not personalised to order and we do not offer bespoke customisation.

  • The hottest, addictive UK craze, Pop the bubbles!
  • Personalised, bright, attractive packaging for a great gift idea or pocket-money purchase.
  • Made from durable rainbow silicone which is bpa free.
  • Highly satisfying popping sound which is calming and can help to reduce anxiety.
  • Educational fun that promotes logical thinking.